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Chanox Multi (Toltrazuril)

Chanox Multi (Toltrazuril)

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Chanox Multi (Toltrazuril) oral suspension for cattle  and sheep and is used in the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis (caused by Eimeria bovis or Eimeria zuernii) in calves,cattle and sheep. Chanox Multi is a highly reliable market replacement for Vecoxan and is very similar to Bovicox. Coccidiosis is a very costly disease that causes severe sickness and even death in cattle,Chanox Multinot only treats this disease but can also prevent your herd from contracting it in the first place.

Active Ingredient: Toltrazuril

Target Species: Calves, Lambs, Piglets

Treats and Controls: Coccidiosis

Administration Method: Oral drench

Withdrawal Time: Withdrawal period for meat and offal in calves is 63 days; Piglets 77 days; lambs 42 days Do not use in animals producing milk for human consumption.

Dosage: Piglets and lambs - 0.4 ml oral dose per kg. Calves - 3 ml per 10kg.    

What is coccidiosis?

Coccidiosis is a highly contagious disease that normally infects calves between one and six months of age but can also infect older cattle as well. Coccidiosis is caused by a single celled microscopic parasite that multiplies in the intestine of infected animals, the eggs are then passed through faeces onto the soil and grass where they are eaten by other animals which then become infected. Coccidiosisis still one of the most common and costly diseases a farmer can face on his farm.

What are the symptoms of Coccidiosis?

Common symptoms of Coccidiosis are diarrhoea, rough coat, loss of appetite, loss of weight and weakness in calves. In severe cases there will be blood and mucus present in the animals manure and if left untreated will lead to the animal's death.

How Chanox Multi works

The active ingredient in Chanox Multi is Toltrazuril. Toltrazuril kills all stages of  Coccidiosis (including schizonts, microgamonts and macrogamonts). In calves Chanox Multi kills all developing stages of Coccidiosis while still allowing the calf to develop a natural immunity to the disease.

Benifits of using Chanox Multi

  • Single dose oral administration
  • Long lasting
  • Use as a prevention or a cure
  • Allows the animal to build a natural immunity to the disease
  • Safe and easy to use

This Product is only licensed for sale in the Republic of Ireland


How Toltrazuril Works

After oral administration toltrazuril is slowly absorbed with a bioavailability of =70%. The main metabolite is characterised as toltrazuril sulfone. The elimination of toltrazuril is slow with a half-life elimination time around 3 days. The major route of excretion is via the faeces.

After oral administration in cattle toltrazuril is slowly absorbed. The maximal plasma concentration (Cmax = 36.6 mg/l) was observed between 24 and 48 hours (geometric mean 33.9 hours) following oral administration. The elimination of toltrazuril is slow with a terminal half-life time of approximately 2.5 days (64.2 hours). The main metabolite is characterised as toltrazuril sulfone. The major route of excretion is via the faeces.

After oral administration toltrazuril is slowly absorbed in mammals. The main metabolite is characterised as toltrazuril sulfone. The maximal plasma concentration (Cmax = 62 mg/L) was observed 2 days following oral administration. The elimination of toltrazuril is slow with an elimination half-life time of approximately 9 days. The major route of excretion is via the faeces.

 Environmental properties

The metabolite of toltrazuril, toltrazuril sulfone (ponazuril) is a persistent (half-life >1 year) and mobile compound and has adverse effects on both the growth and emergence of plants. Given the persistent properties of ponazuril repeated spreading of manure from treated animals may lead to an accumulation in the soil and consequently a risk to plants. The accumulation of ponazuril in soil together with its mobility also leads to a risk of leaching to groundwater.



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