Reseeding Grassland: What’s the Benefits for your farm?

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Many farmers I know often say that reseeding grassland is only something for big dairy farmers; “I can’t afford that” is their call.  However reseeding has many advantages and should be considered an essential for any and all livestock farmers.

There are many benefits of reseeding grassland for all farmers aiming to produce meat and/or milk at the lowest cost. Reseeding grassland on a farm brings positives to both the quantity and quality of grass grown. Continue reading “Reseeding Grassland: What’s the Benefits for your farm?”

Reseeding- Feed your animals from home grown feed

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Feeding animals is the single biggest cost on any livestock farm. But we can control what we feed animals. Grazed grass is by far cheaper than any other feed that we have available to us in Ireland. If grass isn’t making the diet, more expensive silage and conserved feed will have to fill the gap. Reseeding your grassland can ensure you get the more feed from your ground. Continue reading “Reseeding- Feed your animals from home grown feed”

Irish Grass Recommended List 2013

Perennial ryegrass, Italian ryegrass and White clover account for nearly all of the agricultural grass/clover seed sold in Ireland. Of these, perennial ryegrass is by far the most important . Other species of grass and clover are not commonly used. Individual varieties differ in performance characteristics depending on maturity group and ploidy. These differences may be further exaggerated by factors such as climate, soil type and system of farming. Increased demands on grassland with regard to early spring grass, mid-season product ion, extended grazing in the autumn etc. , mean that care needs to be taken in the select ion of suitable grass seed mixtures. All grass and clover varieties listed in this booklet have a proven record of performance over a period of years at a number of different locat ions, and are deemed most suitable for Irish condit ions. Growers should give preference to the Recommended List variet ies unless there is strong evidence that some other variety is more suited to their conditions.

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