BREXIT: Is the perfect Halloween story coming to an end?

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 Brexit: Horror Show

The Brexit countdown clock is clicking steadily to its October 31st deadline and I have to wonder it the date wasn’t chosen as a metaphor. The last three years of uncertainty, of shocks and scares intermitted with moments of calm farce to lighten the mood and give a false sense of security. All leading to what is looking like a climactic near death experience of a nation, or nation! It’s a perfect horror story for telling in the dark, torch under your face, to frighten all and sundry. Continue reading “BREXIT: Is the perfect Halloween story coming to an end?”

Does Irish Beef need a Fair Trade equivalent?

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Beef Protests

Beef Protests are still ongoing with no end in sight. Factories are refusing to negotiate and have instead opted to declare war on protestors by threatening lawsuits. This has, justifiably, only further angered the farmers who are already fighting for their survival. Let’s not forget that these companies and CEO’s owe all their good fortune to these very farmers. They are the people producing the top quality product that these companies are able to market with a Bord Bia sticker to virtually any market in the world at a premium price. Yet when it comes to dealing fairly with their suppliers they show a complete lack of respect or empathy for their plight. It is for this reason that I started to wonder where is the Irish farmers “fair trade” sticker. Continue reading “Does Irish Beef need a Fair Trade equivalent?”

6 Tips for planning your holiday with a Farmer

Farmer on holiday

If your significant other is a farmer then you are probably aware of how difficult it can be to organise a getaway. Summer in particular can be a very difficult time to pry them away on a holiday. Some of the reasons are simply down to being self employed. As any self employed person will tell you it’s hard to put off work you can’t afford to miss out on. However farming comes with the added pressure that comes with having to work around weather, animals and deadlines/ open dates from the department. For that reason many farmers struggle to find the time to leave. Continue reading “6 Tips for planning your holiday with a Farmer”

Beef fund-Who are we farming for?

Beef fund blogThe announcement of the 100 million beef fund just before the election was a huge relief for most beef farmers. It seemed that, finally, there was a brief ray of hope to cut through the cloud of depression that has been hanging over the industry. Unfortunately it was to be short lived. No sooner had voting finished than we got the old “oh by the way…” that seems to come with everything the government tells us. It was announced that to be entitled to the Beef fund we would have to reduce our beef herd. But I have to ask the question, why? Continue reading “Beef fund-Who are we farming for?”

10 Signs your Significant Other is a Subtle Scrooge


10 signs your significant other is a subtle scrooge
10 signs your significant other is a subtle scrooge

10 signs your Significant other is a Subtle Scrooge

The Christmas season is upon us, with decorations sparkling in every window, “Silver Bells” and “Last Christmas” on the airwaves; Shoppers wrapped in scarves and hats humming “Merry Christmas” as they rush from shop to shop looking for the perfect gifts for all and sundry. Children are buzzing with excitement as they make their list and count down the days until Santa Claus arrives; an excitement that spreads to the older generations anticipating some time off work and a chance to relax with the family in front of the fire, watching classics that give them a warm fuzzy feeling.

But there are some that aren’t quite as receptive to this time of year. Continue reading “10 Signs your Significant Other is a Subtle Scrooge”

The Blackest of Fridays- Don’t be caught in the Madness

Black friday blog

The “Black Friday” weekend is on its way and motley crews of shoppers are twisting their Dick Dastardly Movember moustaches with a cheeky smile, coming up with strategies to win this yearly wacky race to the shop sales. Continue reading “The Blackest of Fridays- Don’t be caught in the Madness”

10 Reasons Why Living in the country is the Best.


I’m moving back to the country.

After leaving college I realised, like most from farming backgrounds, the farm isn’t going to make enough to support the parents and me, so I had to go get myself one of those pesky job things. Continue reading “10 Reasons Why Living in the country is the Best.”

Samhain – The origin of Halloween

Halloween blog

Halloween is fast approaching, bringing with it the menace of ghoulish children threatening your property with “tricks” unless you appease them with sugar; to hype them up with enough energy to hound the rest of the neighbours! The old offering of fruit and nuts we frequently got as youngsters is the quickest way of getting these monsters riled up for a bit of haunting, trickery and destruction. Continue reading “Samhain – The origin of Halloween”

The Lord of the Eggs: Return of the Chicken

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In years gone by every farm kept chickens. They provided the household with valuable food in the form of Eggs and meat and an additional source of income or more often in this country a bargaining chip. I once spoke to an old man who used to have a mobile shop that travelled through the countryside selling tea, sugar and other groceries to farms around the country. Often he would accept eggs, milk and even the occasional knitwear as barter for these goods that he would then bring and sell in the towns. He told me with a wry smile that my great grandmother was the bane of his life as she would turn up with so many eggs that he would not only have to exchange the groceries but give her additional money or credit.  This “egg money” was the farmer’s wife’s only income in a time when the man of the house often controlled the money. The American singer/songwriter Susan Werner even wrote a humorous song about this phenomenon simply titled “Egg Money” which gives a good insight into the importance of the hens to the farmer’s wife, though with a slightly sinister twist! Continue reading “The Lord of the Eggs: Return of the Chicken”

Why all the fuss about the Ploughing?

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In my Fiancée’s Grandmother’s house there is a picture of her grandfather and his horses competing, and winning in the ploughing back in the forties. It takes pride of place in the living room; it’s an elite club that have held that title after all. Seventy years on and it’s time for another group to fight it out for this and the various other ploughing titles up for grabs. Since it’s humble beginnings back in the thirties the ploughing Championship has become the best festival in the country; hell, it’s the biggest outdoor event of its kind in the EU so we’ll claim Europe too. So why is it the place to be every September? Continue reading “Why all the fuss about the Ploughing?”