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Lamb Surrogate Feeder
Lamb Surrogate Feeder
Lamb Surrogate Feeder
Lamb Surrogate Feeder

Lamb Surrogate Feeder

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The Lamb Surrogate Feeder will provide a constant supply of warm milk to pet lambs. In the case of triplets, quads or larger births then the ewe won't be able to feed all of the lambs adequately or in the case of a ewe dying or abandoning her lambs, depriving them of milk, the Surrogate lamb feeder is the ideal solution. The Lamb Surrogate Feeder is thermostatically controlled to ensure the milk is kept at an ideal temperature. The Lamb Surrogate Feeder has a maximum capacity of 50 litres and can feed up to 24 lambs.

How to Use the Lamb Surrogate Feeder: 

  • Fill the water up to the point shown below.
  • Immerse the clear tubing in water while avoiding contact with the element.
  • Insert the internal container into the unit using the brackets supplied.
  • Insert tube ends until they reach the bottom of the container.
  • Each tube must be equipped with a non-return valve.
  • Connect the system to a standard socket and the water will reach 40 degrees Celsius within a couple of minutes.
  • Fill the container with the quantity of milk/feed you need.
  • The element has a built-in thermostat to avoid water temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

​Please Click HERE to read the Brochure

Please Click HERE to read the Safety Sheet

Details of the Lamb Surrogate Feeder:

Manufacturing: The feeder is manufactured from polyethylene which is a strong and durable material. Polyethylene is hygienic, easy to clean and has been UV stabilised.

Design: The Lamb Surrogate Feeder is designed with efficiency and and ease of use in mind. The teats are easily removed for cleaning and replacement, there is an easy access lid for cleaning and filling and the inner tank is easily removed for cleaning.

How it works: The Lamb Surrogate Feeder consists of two containers. The main body is filled with water up to the mark and then it is heated and thermostatically maintained at a temperature warm enough to heat the milk stored in the second inner container. The milk is fed through clear tubing to the teat which has a non return valve. The non return valve not only ensures the supply of milk is constant but it also prevents the milk in the feeder from becoming contaminated.

Feed up to 24 lambs: Unlike calves, who will drink until there is nothing left, lambs will only drink enough to fill them up. This means a single Lamb Surrogate Feeder with 4 teats is enough to feed up to 24 lambs who will simply come and go to the feeder as needed.

Features of the Lamb Surrogate Feeder:

  • Provides constant supply of warm milk
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Feed up to 24 lambs with a single feeder
  • Manufactured from durable and easily cleaned materials
  • Teats and inner container easily removed for cleaning
  • Non return valves prevent contamination of milk
  • Maximum capacity of 50 litres
  • Dimensions (mm): 600 Height X 630 Width X 610 Length
  • Keeps the milk at a constant temperature of 40 degrees Celsius

​Safety Guidelines for the Lamb Surrogate Feeder:

  • Don't remove the outer element cover while the unit is plugged in.
  • Before plugging in the unit, ensure the element has been saturated with water.
  • Avoid any contact between the rubber feeding tubes and the element during operation.
  • Keep the element submerged with water at all times. By not doing this it will result in the element burning out.
  • Always make sure the element is covered by the insulation sheet.

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