Our Guide to a Sheep-Proof Fence

Agridirect offers a simple 10-step guide to putting up a sheep fence.

Shoddy fences? Accidents will happen!

It’s spring, and that means livestock returning to pasture after a long, dreary winter on slats. All too often, it also means livestock escaping from said pasture. Driving to work on these crisp, clear March mornings, I’ve come close to collision with several ewes grazing blithely along the roadside, lamb at heel.

Now I sympathise with all farmers when it comes to the constant struggle to keep animals confined. Sheep, in particular, are notorious for testing every section of fencing; and we all have that one ewe who finds the grass a bit sweeter on the other side. 

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10 Tips for Getting Ready to Show your Livestock

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Yes it is show season again so we’ve put together a few tips for those wishing to show some livestock this year. Livestock shows bring a lot of life to communities over the summer and it’s down to those who take the time to bring their animals out.  So whether you are new to the showing and need some advice starting out or a seasoned pro needing a few reminders for the coming season, hopefully these tips will help you on your way. Continue reading “10 Tips for Getting Ready to Show your Livestock”