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Herdwatch is part of FRS Network (Farm relief Services) a 35 year old, farmer owned Cooperative. Herdwatch is approved by the Department of Agriculture, ICBF and compliant with Bord Bia. Herdwatch went live in February 2014 and today we have over 5,000 farmers using Herdwatch every day to manage their Farms and eliminate their farm compliance paperwork.

Herdwatch works on Android and Apple phones, tablets and PCs. Unlike most apps Herdwatch does not need internet access to work, you can record and view records on Herdwatch even without internet access, this information is backed up to the cloud when a connection is available.

Herdwatch works on multiple devices, meaning that all farm workers can have the app on their phones, information will sync across the other devices. There is also an option of restricted access for some users.  Phone support is also available from 9am-5pm on 0505 34400

For more information on Herdwatch visit or click on the link below to start a free trial.

Features of Herdwatch

  • Record calf registration, including pedigree information.
  • Record Bord Bia remedies records and feed purchases. Reports are easily printed at audit time.
  • Herdwatch will download your herd profile from Agfood, it will then update as you buy or sell animals.
  • Record all your breeding information, heat detections, serves and pregnancy scanning. (Sent to the ICBF)
  • You can apply for movement certs and notify movements directly through the app.
  • Record weights, Herdwatch will calculate the ADG for you. (Sent to ICBF)
  • Record dry-offs. (Sent to ICBF)
  • Record all your spraying compliance for the new S.U.D legislation.
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