The Red Mite: do you know your enemy? discusses red mite infestation and offers poultry farmers some advice on the best treatments for this common pest.

Knowing your enemy

The ancient Chinese general, Sun Tzu, reminds us that in order to defeat your enemy, you must understand him. That philosophy holds true in our efforts to overcome the pesky red mite that infests our poultry houses. In this week’s second blog entry, we want to discuss Dermanyssus gallinae, commonly known as the red mite, and consider what steps we can take to vanquish this great scourge of the poultry farmer.

The warm summer months have facilitated an explosion in mite numbers. At this time of year, the free-range poultry man or woman will notice fowl trying to kick sand or dry earth through their feathers. This is a sure sign that the bird is suffering from skin parasites, and the red mite is always one of the likeliest culprits.

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Of Mites and Hen: getting to grips with red mite infestation

Agridirect offers poultry keepers some advice on the management of red mite infestation.

That’s mitey weather!

Most of us welcomed the slight increase in temperatures this week. Granted, these murky conditions are not ideal, but they are an improvement on the rain, hail and frost we suffered at the start of May. For poultry keepers, though, these first signs of an upswing in temperature bring with them the risk of red mite infestation. May is traditionally the month that sees the most significant surge in red mite numbers, which usually remain high until the cold weather takes effect in the Autumn.

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