Children on farms: Let’s keep them safe this summer

As summer weather finally reaches Ireland, reminds farmers of the importance of meeting high child safety standards on Irish farms.

The reprehensible few

Farming friends, it’s time to talk about child safety. Now, I understand that many of you are sick of the media pontification on this issue. It is important to acknowledge that most of us are already conscious of the dangers that a busy farm poses, especially to small children; and that we do everything in our power to protect our families from moving machinery, livestock and other hazards. Unfortunately, though, there will always be those few who make reckless decisions, who forget about the danger, don’t see it, or ignore it for a variety of reasons. This problem doesn’t seem to be going away. Worse still, over the last couple of years we have seen a spike in social media videos depicting extremely dangerous and, frankly, idiotic behaviour on Irish farms. It is bad enough to put ourselves needlessly into harm’s way for 5 seconds of fame; but to put children and teenagers in danger for the sake of a few views on Youtube or Facebook is beyond reprehensible.

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