8 Tell Tale Signs You Grew Up On The Farm


Having memories of growing up on a farm is a magical and unique thing that moulded you into the person you are today. Below are eight things that everyone who grew up on a farm has experienced at one stage or another  throughout their youth.

Pulling a calf:  If you understand that this has nothing to do with taking reluctant cows for a walk then you have been dragged from your bed on occasion to ‘pull’ calves or lambs.

Not squeamish :  Having been covered in animal manure, slobber, vomit and various other excretions for most of your life, you are definitely not squeamish when it comes to the images on TV programme, ‘One Born Every Minute’   ‘ while your flatmates are puking in the loo with disgust.

You are 25 years old with 15 years driving experience:  Rally driving round the fields on quads, tractors and old cars from a scarily illegal young age makes you one of the most confident drivers on the road. Reversing at high speed is your speciality.

You can argue for hours on your loyalty to a particular tractor brand: Whether you are a Massey, A New Holland or a John Deere fan it makes no real difference to the grand scheme of things, but you can argue the toss about it for hours with another farm child and especially when pints are involved. The choice of red or green big wheels is a source of continuous debate.

Electric Fences were a source of entertainment: The electric fence was hugely entertaining when you grew up. Throwing grass at it daring each other to touch it and rescuing the dog after he brushed against it. Ah simple times!

Macra was your local Youth Club: And you cycled the 9 miles to get there every week.

The back door is the front door:  No one ever used the front door at home. No one ever called ahead but dropped in when passing and the kettle was always hot. You had to learn the hard way to make appointments and ring front door bells when you moved to the city.

You dreamt about moving to the city:  Every conversation from age 9 was about ‘getting outta here’ and going to the ‘big shmoke’. Turns out it was not all it was meant to be.

Author: Agridirect.ie

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