The Agademy Awards: our 5 favourite onscreen farmers

Arthur Hoggett and the Bull McCabe 001

Agridirect presents the Agademy Awards, in recognition of our favourite onscreen farmers. 

In our interview with author Ryan Dennis last week, he pointed out that farmers and their experiences are underrepresented in fiction. It’s hard to argue against that, and the same seems to hold true for film and television. The Academy Awards took place at the weekend, but there were no depictions of farmers among the winners.

Nonetheless, cinema has given us some memorable farmers over the years. Therefore, we at Agridirect decided it was time to create the Agademy Awards, to acknowledge what we consider to be the best and most entertaining representations of farmers ever to have graced our screens. In today’s blog, we select our 5 nominees, and give you our winner (number 1). Continue reading “The Agademy Awards: our 5 favourite onscreen farmers”