Help them help us – get to work on your bee garden discusses why we need bee gardens, and outlines some quick and easy steps that you can take to support the world’s most effective pollinators.

The threat of extinction

The global bee population has been declining steadily for decades now. Here in Ireland, we have seen a marked decrease in bee numbers since the 1980s. According to experts, the distribution of 42 bee species has declined by more than 50% over the last 40 years. There are numerous possible causes of this dramatic decline, but most scientists blame a combination of habitat destruction, climate change, excessive pesticide use, changes in land use, and loss of biodiversity.

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Yes, we need more clover. Here’s why! outlines the primary benefits of promoting white clover on our land.

A member of the bean family, white clover (trifolium repens) is native to Europe and Central Asia. Traditionally, it has thrived in the temperate oceanic climate of Britain and Ireland, providing excellent grazing for the ruminants of these islands. After World War II, however, market forces began to target the three-leaved plant. As petrochemical herbicides developed during the war era hit the shelves, the chemical industry started to depict white clover as an unsightly weed that its products could deal with. Predictably, the global clover population took a serious nosedive.

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The Environmental Cost of Brazilian Beef

Agridirect takes aim at the EU-Mercosur deal, which has sparked the opposition of farming groups and environmentalists alike.

The environmental cost of Brazilian beef

Right now, in Brazil, loggers are hacking away at the Amazon rainforest. The machines of industry rumble through the rainforest, felling trees and plants, displacing animals found nowhere else in the world, and condemning entire species to extinction. Humans are immediate victims, too. Among the displaced are the rainforest’s indigenous peoples, who suffer daily intimidation and the assassination of outspoken leaders. Continue reading “The Environmental Cost of Brazilian Beef”