10 Reasons Why Living in the country is the Best.


I’m moving back to the country.

After leaving college I realised, like most from farming backgrounds, the farm isn’t going to make enough to support the parents and me, so I had to go get myself one of those pesky job things.Get a jobLuckily around the same time I met my now Fiancé, a farmer’s daughter, who was living closer to this first job, so I decided to move in with her to be closer to work. (Not the only reason but she still reckons if it wasn’t for this match of convenience we wouldn’t be together at all!)  Luckily it was less than an hours drive away and I could still make it home at weekends to help on the farm; many leaving home for work aren’t as lucky. However the house is in an estate in town and although it has been convenient, I don’t think I could ever be 100% happy living in an urban area, no matter how small it is.

Firstly despite how close your houses are you still never fully know your neighbours; no one takes the time. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop them watching you from the window and knowing your every move. I recently got talking to one and he was able to inform me what time I’d walked the dog everyday that week! No offence to the fella but I found it quite strange, especially since he’s only moved in and I’d never spoke to him before! There’s also the noise of cars and kids running wild to contend with. Not to mention the sound of the neighbours moving about next door, or worse arguing! It’s just not the life for us. So we bit the bullet and started looking to buy. Thankfully we found a lovely cottage in the country halfway between her home farm and mine.

Since word came that our offer was accepted people started asking why we wanted to live in the country away from the amenities, “But it’s so easy to get to the shop in the town.” As a result I’ve started thinking about all the ways living in the country is better, despite the distance from the shop. So I compiled this list of ten reasons I will always prefer living in the country

  1. The Peace and Quiet. Sure there’ll be tractors and the odd car but you have your own space outside to just sit, listen to the birds and think about and peaceful everything is. No need to worry that there’s someone watching, thinking that you’ve lost your marbles. Relaxing
  2. Going Shirtless. In good weather you can wander around with your shirt off and let it all hang out without worrying that you’re going to terrify and mentally scar some kids. Kevin_Screaming
  3. The Walks. Going for a walk in the town, the view is always the same grey buildings and concrete; and it can be stressful, with cars zooming past, Lycra wearing joggers thundering past like crazed warriors on cocaine and Yummy Mummies wielding pushchairs like battering rams pushing you off the footpath. In contrast the country offers a nice country lane all to yourself, with nature constantly changing your views as the seasons going by. Nothing better.tranquil country road1


  1. Neighbours. Surprisingly you get to know your neighbours that much better even though there’s a greater distance between you. They too know things about you but it’s because you’ve told them over a pint down the local. down the local 11


  1. Driving a Tractor. You can enjoy the simple pleasure of driving the tractor just because you can. Nothing better than taking a leisurely spin to the shop for an ice-cream on a warm summer day. Doing-Donuts-in-Tractor


  1. The Smells. The smell of freshly mown grass, the smell of hay and silage, and yes even slurry! It smells like home. I’d take them over the fumes of cars any day. Or the smell of sewage that plagues the estate from time to time! smelling grass


  1. The Freedom. Everything in the town seems so claustrophobic with too many people bustling around, making you scared to do anything other than what’s expected. The country in comparison is so open and free. You always feel like you can do anything you like in the country. No one will care when you grab your kilt, your horse and go galloping through the fields!  freedom


  1. The Sense of Adventure. Moving into the town should have been an adventure, but it wasn’t a great one. Not like the ones I went on a young fella, where I went exploring the fields, rivers, and caves. I explored every crack and crevice of the landscape and discover things for myself. So much better than kids being stuck in the house. adventure


  1. The Wildlife. Having birds landing outside your window or seeing hare’s, rabbits, badgers, foxes, stoats or pine martens when out for a walk always gives a little thrill of excitement no matter how often you see them. Or spotting a buzzard or hawk gliding on the wind. Not to mention bats flying around your head at dusk. It’s just not the same in the town. excited gif


  1. Make Noise. Last but not least. You can make as much noise as you like. With no neighbours within shouting distance you can turn your music up to 11 without having to worry. You can party till whatever time you’re capable of without worrying about the neighbours granny or kids. up to 11

So there you have it. If you live in the country take time to appreciate it. You might be in the minority these days but it’s a minority that is getting the best things out of life. The majority just don’t know what they’re missing. We country folk are living the high life.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve some packing to do, I’ve got to get back to the country! tenor (1)


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