Nematodirus in Lambs: Prevention is better than Cure!!

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The annual menace of Nematodirus battus is still a serious problem on many farms in Ireland, with the changeable weather this year causing particular concern. The Nematodrus can cause acute, severe diarrhoea leading to sudden dehydration and lamb deaths on many farms. As the onset of disease can be very sudden, farmers have to be vigilant and respond rapidly with appropriate anthelmintics. You can’t afford to “wait and see how things pan out” when it comes to this thread-necked roundworm. Continue reading “Nematodirus in Lambs: Prevention is better than Cure!!”

It’s time to think about slurry again!

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At the minute many farmers are trying to empty some of the slurry from their tanks.  The prolonged winter has left many tanks at capacity, but some areas have seen enough improvement to spark the belief that a growing season is on the horizon; the time is right to get the tanker dusted off and put to work. Continue reading “It’s time to think about slurry again!”

Worried about Mr Fox getting your lambs? Foxlight could be answer!

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It’s lambing time again with many farmers losing sleep trying to get all ewes lambed, not to mention fostering multiple birth lambs to a mother with a single lamb. These are the two main problems that keep sheep farmers awake at lambing time. However if you have the ewes scanned and know what you’re facing it can make these things a lot smoother. Lambing in a shed also limits these problems. However with many sheep farmers having large numbers of ewes, shed space for all might not be possible. Indeed a lot of farmers don’t have a large capacity sheep shed at all. These farmers have an extra worry keeping sleep away; the bold Mr Fox. While farmers lambing in sheds won’t need to worry as much about this predator, those with ewes lambing outdoors will be very aware of the danger he poses. Continue reading “Worried about Mr Fox getting your lambs? Foxlight could be answer!”

A Stress Free Lambing Season

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Ok. We lied.  There is no such thing as a stress free lambing season.  It’s a fraught and difficult time, as you stumble sleep deprived from your bed to aid a difficult birth, look after the orphans and generally keep the maternity ward going.  But there are many things that you can do to make lambing a bit easier on us all. Continue reading “A Stress Free Lambing Season”

Handling Dangerous Chemicals

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Everyday life on the farm requires the use of a lot different chemicals. Whether it be fertilisers, oils, animal doses, weed killers or detergents they all play a vital part of the daily operations of that farm. If these chemicals are not used properly there is the potential for them to be extremely harmful Continue reading “Handling Dangerous Chemicals”

Is Agro-Forestry the way forward?


With weather conditions worsening around the country making farming increasingly difficult and an ageing farming population, there’s a lot more forestry going up around the country, particularly in the North West. Government payment incentives have played a large part in this move Continue reading “Is Agro-Forestry the way forward?”