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Thank You and Merry Christmas From All at Agridirect

Thank You and Merry Christmas from all at Agridirect The Wind Down

Merry Christmas to you all. Here at Agridirect we are getting the last orders out before the couriers stop for the Holidays. (Though there may be a wandering eye or two focused on getting away for some last minute shopping ourselves). We are doing our very best to get all orders out before the couriers finish for Christmas.  If your order is not going to be delivered before Christmas we apologise and will be in touch directly as to the reason. Thank You

It’s coming to the end of another tough year for the farming community we serve, with a snowy spring and a parched summer. However we have been luckier with the autumn and hopefully most of you out there will have saved enough fodder for the winter. With any luck it won’t be as long as the previous one. As we come to end of the year the Agridirect team wish to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their custom throughout year. Without your continued support we would not be here.

We hope that our customers are satisfied with the service we offer and that we will see you all again in the New Year.

Our Present to you
Christmas is a wonderful time for recouping with your family and friends and to put away all worries of the future and we hope you all get the chance to do so. So, to thank our loyal readers of this blog, we are leaving you this year with a short Christmas poem to read to the kids and get you all into the Christmas spirit. If you enjoy it send us a message through our Facebook page quoting your favourite line and we will reply with a €5 give voucher code to use with your next purchase. Please Note: The code offer will only be valid until midnight on the 31st of December 2018 and must be used before then.  

A Gentle Christmas

The night before Christmas, a silent affair
With all in their beds, including the aul pair
The cattle are happy, all snuggled in straw
The dog in his kennel, his head on his paw

Everyone is happy, in out of the cold,
Dreaming of Santa Claus, the young and the old.
The snow, like a blanket, warming the cold earth
Untouched, unsullied, like sacred virgin birth.

Promised Flakes dance, and spin high in the night air
Thickening the wind, before settling down there.
Through the swirling white, a slow dark shadow turns,
A magical figure, an expected return

The light jingle of bells, that so gently rings,
Gliding softly on the breeze, like robins’ wings.
The sleeping dog has heard, dreaming ear twitching,
The cattle are curious, pink noses itching.

The blizzard hides in dark, a small herd of eight
Now just outside here, beyond the old sheds gate
Crunch of snow under large soled boots, black as coal,
A soft white carpet compressed with a stroll.

Inside the house, wrapped presents gently stacked,
The stockings above a fire, all tightly packed
With not a sound, even a whisper or wheeze.
No alarm is raised; all snoozing if you please.

With chuckle of mirth and a flourish of red
In a brief flurry of snow the guest has fled.
Rustle of harness, a suggestion of flight,
A dark shadow rises up into the night.

No creature to see and nobody to hear,
Snow continues to fall, foot prints disappear.
But with the morning light there comes a beating
Shouts of delight and merry season’s greetings

As children, their yearly treats discovered,
Rejoice, Christmas cheer is to be uncovered.
The morning of Christmas and all through the House,
Every creature is stirring, even the louse.

And the children know, somewhere just out of sight,
The farewell salute of a generous sprite.

 “Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.”

  So from all at Agridirect we wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.