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Controlling blowfly strike in sheep🐑

What is blowfly strike?

Blowfly is the primary external parasite that typically affects sheep during late spring and summer. Due to changing weather patterns, the blowfly season has become increasingly unpredictable and prolonged. Blowflies are drawn to lay their eggs on soiled or damaged areas (wounds) on the sheep, as well as on carcasses. Thus, effective blowfly control focuses on minimizing breeding opportunities by:

  • Managing deadstock: remove deadstock as quickly as possible, and keep deadstock covered while waiting for collection.
  • Managing flock health:  minimise faecal soiling through good worm control and fleece management, and through treating wounds, including foot infections.
  • Using a preventative treatment early in the season: prevent established blowfly strike in the flock to protect the sheep and to prevent those first waves of flies from breeding. Doing this will massively reduce blowfly numbers, and strike risk, later in the season.
blowfly numbers increase through the season if not controlled

Blowfly control 

For information on the correct use and application of blowfly products in the Elanco range, watch our blowfly control Video with Elanco Technical Vet and sheep farmer Wesley Power.

ClikRange_Vid by Lucia Denny

CLiK Family

The CLiK™ brands are the only IGRs containing FleeceBind™ technology which provides full fleece protection*. It helps spread the formulation from tip to base of the fleece and binds it strongly in place, sticking it to the wool.

CLiK packshot


The table below provides some suggested times for treatment and should be used as guidance only as individual farm needs will vary.

CLiK portfolio treatment table


How to apply CLiK EXTRA™, CLiK™ OR CLiKZiN™

Use either a CLiK™ or CLiKZiN™ applicator gun and apply the product using the 4-stroke method (see Video below), taking care to apply down the midline of the back and overlapping each stroke to allow the Fleecebind™ formulation to spread evenly over the fleece and bind to give full fleece protection. This ensures an accurate spread of the product. Until the product has bound into the fleece, care must be taken to prevent animals from rubbing and removing the product, as this will almost certainly reduce the duration of protection.

Always calibrate your applicator gun before use. Apply the total required dose one quarter at a time from:

  1. mid-shoulder to middle of back
  2. middle of back to top of tail
  3. one side of tail to crutch
  4. other side of tail to crutch

Best results will be achieved by holding the gun approximately 45cm from the sheep during application.

How to apply CLiK EXTRA™, CLiK™ OR CLiKZiN™ Application

by Lucia Denny

What is Vector™

Vector is a broad spectrum insecticide for the treatment and control of ectoparasites.

  • 6-8 weeks blowfly prevention.
  • Treatment of individual sheep that have been struck.
  • Up to 10 weeks tick control.
  • Kills biting lice.
  • Treats and controls headflies.

How to apply Vector™

It is important to use the correct applicator and the correct nozzle for the ectoparasite you are treating and always calibrate before use. The applicator includes:

  • fan spray nozzle for blowfly prevention
  • t-bar nozzle for treatment of blowfly strike and for treating headflies
  • pin-strip (straight) nozzle for lice and ticks – part the fleece and apply to the skin