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5 Great Uses for Baling Twine chooses its top 5 additional uses for baling twine on the farm.

That farmers hoard baling twine is something of a stereotype at this stage. But, unlike many stereotypes I can think of, the farmer who keeps countless meal bags stuffed with twine in a shed has some basis in truth.

Many of us would refute the notion that this is needless hoarding, however. Our reluctance to dispose of this tough and durable string is rooted in pure practicality. The truth is that baling twine, alongside duct tape, is an incredible and low-cost fix-all. I have heard of farmers using it, quite successfully, for all kinds of purposes from making halters to hanging onions for storage. Yes, baling twine is part of the solution to at least half of farm emergencies.

That’s why we at have decided to choose our top 5 uses for baling twine on the farm. We hope you enjoy!

5. Staking climbing plants. Not all farmers grow vegetables; but for those who do, baling twine is an essential for staking. Whether it’s peas or tomatoes or something more exotic, well strung baling twine will provide your climbing plants with the perfect growing aid. (Check out next week’s article to learn how to do this!)

4. A makeshift belt. Forgot to put on your belt? A bit strapped for cash and can’t afford one? Baling twine could be the solution for you! It’s strong enough that it won’t snap at the most inconvenient moment; but not so thick that it will be visible beneath your t-shirt. True, some people may make the case that it’s not exactly fashionable. To which we say – we’re farmers.

3. Replacement shoelaces. Again, not the most stylish choice for the modistes among you. But if your boot laces come apart and you don’t have replacements, you’ll be glad of a length of twine.

2. Tying gates closed. Whether the bolt is gone on your gate, or you’ve just hung it badly, baling twine will dig you out. How many gates on your farm are closed by tying a length of baling twine to a post? Yep.

1. Mending fences. A hole in your fence? Lambs out on the road? We’ve all been there. Baling twine will fill the gap. I’ve often seen a section of fence, mended with twine, last longer than the rest of the wire. Such is the durability of our favourite multi-purpose farming essential.  


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So those are our favourite 5 uses for baling twine, but we know that there are many, many more. As always, we’d love to hear your experiences on this topic. What do you use baling twine for? Please let us know in the comments section.

And, as always, thanks for reading.