Our Favourite Machines for Little Farmers

Gator John Deere 001

Agridirect introduces some toy machines for little farmers. These are a great way of keeping kids occupied and away from real machinery this summer.

School holiday horrors?

Hello fellow parents! It’s time to face reality. Summer is almost here. Though they haven’t been back in the classroom for long, our kids will be getting their summer holidays in a month or so. I know, I know – we were only starting to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet about the house. Now we face a familiar dilemma. How can we keep them occupied for the next 2 months?

Believe me, I sympathize entirely. Getting anything done with small kids under your feet is no easy assignment. On the upside, the summer holidays should not (hopefully) be as miserable as the lockdown we have endured since Christmas. For a start, most of the country will have reopened by then, which means easier access to entertainment and general distractions. Visiting friends for sleepovers, sports training, and trips to the cinema are all on the cards again!

The other big advantage is that the weather should be better. At the very least, it will be warmer. No doubt the pessimists among you will retort that things aren’t looking great in that department at present. And it’s true – May has been an awful month. An entire summer like that would mean kids under our feet for all of July and August. We’ll all be pulling our hair out come early September.

All I can say is – don’t despair just yet. There seems to be sunshine just around the corner. The long-term forecast seems to hint at an uptake in the weather at the end of next week. All is not lost!


Busy summer, constant danger

But even when the weather does begin to take up, we have to remember that this raises additional challenges for farmers with small children. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, poor farm safety is a real issue in Ireland, especially over the summer months when machinery is on the go constantly. I know that as farmers we feel that we have to keep the work going around the clock. But the farm is not our only responsibility. As parents, we need to be vigilant, to make sure that we keep young children at a safe distance from moving tractors and other working machines.

Farm Safety For Kids

Kids do not make this task easy, of course. They often seem drawn towards machinery like moths to a flame. Fortunately, there is a way to allow your little farmers to explore their fascination with quads and tractors safely this summer. The Peg Perego range of toy farm machinery, currently available at Agridirect, children a chance to drive a tractor or a quad; to transport small objects – or perhaps even a dog or other pet – from A to B; and to play at bringing in the bales or feeding the cattle.

For your benefit, we have compiled all of the important info about our Peg Perego toys here. Personally, I have great belief in these products as a sensible way of nurturing our kids’ freedom and love of farming without serious risk. I hope you will agree.


John Deere Gator

John Deere Gator

The John Deere Gator HPX 4×4 has been inspired by the original Gator HPX from the famous U.S. manufacturer John Deere. The Gator is one of the most popular toys in the Peg Perego range, and with good reason. Decorated with the unmistakable colours of John Deere, it is a fully electric utility vehicle with 4 wheels and a 12 Volt, 9Ah rechargeable lithium battery. It travels on all surfaces, and can tackle differences in elevation with a slope of up to 17 degrees. Its cabin with 2 seats means that your child can invite a friend to play along as a passenger.

The footrests are large and stable, holding the accelerator pedal sets the vehicle in motion; but once it is released, it becomes a brake that automatically stops the vehicle. Your young farmer can select 1 of 3 gears, 1st, 2nd or reverse, but only when you decide they can. This is because 2nd gear comes with a child lock to prevent use by children who are still learning to drive. The grooved wheels ensure good grip, while the large convertible load body can carry up to 10 kg.  Spaciousness is a major advantage with this toy. As your child gets a little older, you can adjust the position of the seat to leave more room for the legs and adapt to every driver.


John Deere Ground Loader

Ground Loader 001

The John Deere Ground Loader offers your child the thrill of digging, scooping earth and leaves, and dumping them nearby. The shovel with two different functions is manoeuvred from the driver seat, using the convenient handle positioned in front of the steering wheel. The grabber arm can be raised and lowered, while the contents of the shovel can be tipped out using the side lever. A handy dashboard under the steering wheel houses an operational radio, so little farmers can keep an ear tuned to the farming forecast.

The seat of the Ground Loader can be adjusted to suit every driver and has two foldable arm rests. If your child is cramped and doesn’t want these, you can fold them away at the side of the backrest. Footrests are large and stable, with the right one holding the accelerator pedal which, once released, becomes a break that automatically stops the vehicle. As with all Peg Perego toy machinery, your child can select 1 of 3 gears, 1st, 2nd or reverse; but only when you decide they can (see Gator above). Grooved wheels ensure good grip, though the Ground Loader has less traction than the Gator and can handle slopes of up to 10 degrees. The John Deere Stake Side Trailer (sold separately) is a great addition to the Ground Loader. You can attach it to the vehicle to transport large loads, like a lamb or dog!


Corral T-Rex Quad 330W

Corral Quads 001

The Corral T-Rex Quad 330W is an excellent choice for adventurous small farmers, and comes in pink and green colours. It is specially designed so that your child can continue to use it as they get older. The large seat guarantees driving comfort for smaller and bigger kids alike. The

quad has a maximum speed of up to 7km/hr and faces off road conditions with ease thanks to its 4 large wheels and a front bumper that protects from accidental bumps. Mud guards help stop spray-back and prevents scratching to the machine. The handles have an anti-slip design which guarantees excellent hold of the handlebar even on rough, uneven ground. Corral T-Rex has all it needs to keep your more adventurous child entertained. Its footrests offer excellent support even when taking corners.

The all in one peggo technology makes this quad extremely easy to drive. When released, the accelerator pedal becomes a brake that automatically stops the vehicle in a gentle manner, with no sudden jolts. Driving is great fun using the 3 gears, 1st 2nd and reverse. The gutsy vehicle is adorned with an antenna, two exhaust pipes, and embossed seat and engine section.  The Corral T-Rex comes with battery and charger included. It is very similar to the red Polaris Outlaw Quad (below), which is also in stock at the moment.

Polaris Quad 001

That’s a Wrap

So those are our top 3 toys to keep little farmers occupied this summer. If you have any thoughts or ideas on good ways to keep kids away from real machinery on Irish farms, please let us know and we will try to share it with our readers. Again, as farms get busier over the coming months, please remember that children do not recognise danger as adults do. It is absolutely essential that all of us do what we can to keep small kids away from working machinery.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck!

Author: Agridirect.ie

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