Christmas- Are we teaching children to focus on Presents

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Present Woes

We’ve made it to another year’s end, and yet again everyone’s focus is on presents! But it’s been a tough year for many, financially speaking, especially farmers. Christmas is the time when you will feel the financial squeeze the most, with no idea how long you will have to feed animals into the spring! Looking for the best present for family and friends is when you realise you might not be able to afford the top of the range items! At least not while keep something aside for a rainy day or month in the spring!  As a result, the feeling of fear and inadequacy can be daunting!

It can be even worse if you have children. No-one wants to have their children feel like they are missing out on something. Hopefully this year everyone has listened to the homeless charities who have asked parents to get any large presents themselves. Let Santa get the smaller, easy to deliver gifts! It is the idea that Santa has treated others better than them that really affects children not the presents themselves!

Adults are to Blame!

Adults are to blame. When we meet a child we ask “what’s Santa bringing?” or “What did you get for Christmas?” I sometimes feel it’s the adults competing more than the children! It’s not good for anyone’s mental health. Instead ask “what did you do for Christmas?” You’ll be surprised by the answers. If not taught to focus on the presents they will fill you in on the games they played with friends and cousins. Children’s emphasis on presents has been taught, but in the long run they won’t even remember what they got.

I personally can’t remember a single present I got as a child. Even though I always got presents from both Santa and my parents I couldn’t tell you any of them really. A bike received one year  is only remembered because that summer I was riding it through the yard and got it tangled in the electric fence. The shocking I got trying to get it untangled before I the oul lad saw it ensured it will live with me forever!


The point I’m trying to make is that we are focused too much on presents at this time of year. My best memories from my childhood Christmases aren’t the presents but the time spent with family. I remember getting to meet up with the cousins, the laughter and chat at the dinner table, the tipsy sing along and the uncle falling asleep on the couch. These memories are where the warm, fuzzy Christmas feelings come from.

The hunting and climbing for berried holly with the siblings, the sledding down the fields, the cheeky trip to a forest for a tree, everyone helping decorate that tree, and the ecstasy when it was my turn to be lifted up to put the Angel on top. These are the things you should focus on with your children and don’t place so much emphasis on the presents. The children won’t remember what present they did or didn’t get. They will remember the feeling of joy and merry making you create with your family.

Christmas Present from Agridirect

That is our wish for you and yours this Christmas, a Happy Christmas full of happy memories.

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Merry Christmas from Agridirect

And so for another year I leave you to enjoy your Christmas. Eat, Drink and be Merry. Leave your worries at the door there will be time to solve them in the new year. Visit the neighbours and spread some cheer.

From all the team at Agridirect, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  


Author: is based in Ballyconnell Co Cavan.The company was established in 1991 and is a family run business serving the Agri needs and requirements in the west Cavan area.Agridirect aim is to provide our offering of Agri products at a competitive price anywhere in the country- giving you the convenience of buying from your home.

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