Buying Christmas Presents for Farmers: the dos and don’ts

With Christmas on the horizon, looks at gift idea dos and don’ts for your favourite farmer and makes some stocking filler suggestions.

Christmas. Dare we say the word?

Well, it’s that time of year again, folks. Grass is getting scarce. Most of the cattle are in and the first silage bales have been opened. Hopefully, the ram has done his duty by now and is due a well-earned break.

As a rare moment of calm descends, we should take the opportunity to discuss something a lot of farmers hate thinking about. Yes, dare we say it, Christmas is coming. Black Friday – and the Late Late Toy Show – are next week. The big day itself is barely a month off.

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Father’s Day Presents for Farmers

Father's Day Presents for Farmers 001With Father’s Day just around the corner, the Agridirect team chooses the 5 best presents for farming dads.

Father’s Day – Easy to Forget?

Because Father’s Day falls in June, we farmers often forget about it. It’s not that we don’t think the old man is deserving of special recognition. It’s just that we don’t have time to stop and shop. June is one of the busiest months of the year in the farming calendar. We have sheep to shear, a blowfly infestation or two to tackle, a first cut of silage to make. Gifts of any description usually fall far down our priorities list at this time of year.

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Our Favourite Machines for Little Farmers

Gator John Deere 001

Agridirect introduces some toy machines for little farmers. These are a great way of keeping kids occupied and away from real machinery this summer.

School holiday horrors?

Hello fellow parents! It’s time to face reality. Summer is almost here. Though they haven’t been back in the classroom for long, our kids will be getting their summer holidays in a month or so. I know, I know – we were only starting to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet about the house. Now we face a familiar dilemma. How can we keep them occupied for the next 2 months?

Believe me, I sympathize entirely. Getting anything done with small kids under your feet is no easy assignment. On the upside, the summer holidays should not (hopefully) be as miserable as the lockdown we have endured since Christmas. For a start, most of the country will have reopened by then, which means easier access to entertainment and general distractions. Visiting friends for sleepovers, sports training, and trips to the cinema are all on the cards again! Continue reading “Our Favourite Machines for Little Farmers”

Mother’s Day Presents for Farming Mammies

Farming Mams 001With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Agridirect chooses the 3 best presents for farming Mammies.  

Mother’s Day: time for a different approach to presents?

Every Mother’s Day, we are confronted by the same barrage of advertisements. TV. Radio. Internet. All go into overdrive with an endless stream of hackneyed suggestions. Get her flowers. Get her chocolates. Get her jewellery. Whatever you do, don’t be creative with your Mother’s Day presents. Don’t give any consideration to what your Mam would actually like. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Presents for Farming Mammies”

Christmas- Are we teaching children to focus on Presents

 children christmas present blog
Present Woes

We’ve made it to another year’s end, and yet again everyone’s focus is on presents! But it’s been a tough year for many, financially speaking, especially farmers. Christmas is the time when you will feel the financial squeeze the most, with no idea how long you will have to feed animals into the spring! Looking for the best present for family and friends is when you realise you might not be able to afford the top of the range items! At least not while keep something aside for a rainy day or month in the spring!  As a result, the feeling of fear and inadequacy can be daunting! Continue reading “Christmas- Are we teaching children to focus on Presents”

Christmas Presents for the Farmer in your Life: 2

christmas present blog 2Last year this blog had a list of suggested Christmas presents for farmers. It proved very popular. Almost too popular; we have now had requests for more options as some have exhausted the list already, using it for birthdays and anniversaries as well! We also had some inquiries for more items in the €10-€100 bracket.

So to help these people out we have come up with some extra ideas for this Christmas. Continue reading “Christmas Presents for the Farmer in your Life: 2”

12 Christmas Presents for the Farmers in your life.

Gift blog image 21
12 Christmas Presents for the Farmers in your life.

It’s that time of the year again when you start worrying about what to buy for your family and friends. It is always a difficult ask. Farmers Christmas Presents can be particularly difficult to buy. A new radio for the kitchen probably won’t get much use. My fiancé has given up guessing and just asks what I will use. There’s nothing worse than buying someone a present that they never use.

For that reason I’ve created this handy list to help you find a perfect last minute gift that you can be sure they will use. Continue reading “12 Christmas Presents for the Farmers in your life.”

The Blackest of Fridays- Don’t be caught in the Madness

Black friday blog

The “Black Friday” weekend is on its way and motley crews of shoppers are twisting their Dick Dastardly Movember moustaches with a cheeky smile, coming up with strategies to win this yearly wacky race to the shop sales. Continue reading “The Blackest of Fridays- Don’t be caught in the Madness”