REPS 2 Must Deliver for Farmers

REPS 2 001Anticipating the launch of the pilot for REPS 2, Agridirect discusses what we know so far, and asks why farming groups are sceptical of the government proposal.


The Old REPS

Most farmers regard the old REPS scheme, which launched in 1994, as a success. Payments were substantial enough to provide meaningful support for farming families around the country. I grew up on a small county Leitrim farm in the 90s and 2000s, so I know what a lifeline the REPS payments were for rural families. Continue reading “REPS 2 Must Deliver for Farmers”

BREXIT: Is the perfect Halloween story coming to an end?

Brexit Blog Horror

 Brexit: Horror Show

The Brexit countdown clock is clicking steadily to its October 31st deadline and I have to wonder it the date wasn’t chosen as a metaphor. The last three years of uncertainty, of shocks and scares intermitted with moments of calm farce to lighten the mood and give a false sense of security. All leading to what is looking like a climactic near death experience of a nation, or nation! It’s a perfect horror story for telling in the dark, torch under your face, to frighten all and sundry. Continue reading “BREXIT: Is the perfect Halloween story coming to an end?”