The seven tell-tale signs of a sheep farmer

sheep-farmerWe are right in the middle of lambing season and ghostly figures are seen making hurried expeditions to the supermarket, the vets and to Agirdirect stores to snatch supplies and rushing home to continue their 24 hour vigils.  While the rest of the population is rejoicing in spring weather and dancing through the daffodils, sheep farmers are grabbing a few minutes sleep between in the car while collecting the children from school and trudging through the fields of sideways rain searching for that one difficult ewe that has wandered off to give birth under some distant hedgerow.  Like extras from the ‘Walking Dead’ with the exhausted pallor of new parents who were unexpectedly presented with quintuplets, these are the sheep farmers of Ireland. Here are seven signs that you are looking at sheep farmers and not remnants from the zombie apocalypse.
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Rural Crime- Let’s not lose ourselves in fear


Crime in Rural areas continues to be a difficult and worrying issue for country dwellers.  Rural crime has not reduced in the past few years and we are being told by many media outlets that rural crime is actually on the increase. These fear headlines are always popular in terms of selling papers, but do the facts actually point to an increase in threats to people living in the more isolated areas.  Reports from the Gardai cite two or three criminal families as being responsible for a large proportion of the thefts and burglaries around the country. Despite this important piece of intelligence, the statistics for rural crime do show a significant increase.
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Prevention is better than cure. Avoiding farm accidents.


The agricultural industry has a higher incident of injury and fatalities than any other employment sector in Ireland.  Despite publicity and awareness campaigns, the incidents of farm accidents are not decreasing. In fact, the Health and Safety Authority state that farmers only implement safety procedures AFTER they have had a serious accident.  It is time to take action and to reduce these distressing statistics and clearly the responsibility and the motivation for such action lies with farmers themselves.
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Overseeding Damaged Products

A targeted overseed can very successfully & economically fill in the bare patches in a damaged sward & restore productivity to what basically is a good, sound sward, simply requiring rejuvenation. Complete reseeding is not warranted in all farm situations. A big advantage of overseeding is its relatively low cost.

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Allsure Bolus – Organic Supplements For Healthy Cattle


Allsure Boluses are organic supplementary intra-ruminal boluses that supplies the treated animal with four essential trace elements, copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt. Allsure Boluses use a slow release system that supplies treated animals with these elements for up to six months from a single dose. Continue reading “Allsure Bolus – Organic Supplements For Healthy Cattle”